’Tis the Season of Giving

’Tis the Season of Giving

Charity Spotlight

When I volunteered to write about my favorite charity, I instantly thought of my first love, Sandpipers.  This fantastic organization came about 89 years ago when the Great Depression struck us.   Six women decided to make a difference by dedicating their time to helping feed and clothe desperate community members.  I joined this organization in 2003.  I have served as a board member for seven years and loved every minute of it.  "My year" as Philanthropy Vice President, I was able to assist in providing a Christmas to 105 families, and we gave out over $40,000 in emergency funds and aided via meals on wheels, weekly dinners to a women's shelter, and many other community projects.   However, upon thinking about it, Sandpipers is strictly a Southern California charity based on the geographic boundaries of the 105 and the 110 freeway.   If you are from So Cal, you will understand my use of "the" before each freeway.  LOL.

Thinking a bit more about this, I decided that the basic need that Sandpipers was founded on still touches my soul, and that is one of the basic needs of humans.  Food!  I currently serve on the Executive Board for the Carson Valley Community Food Closet, founded in 1989.  This amazing organization serves thousands in our community each year.  We strive to fight food insecurity while preserving the dignity of those in need.   During the holidays, we provide dinners at Thanksgiving and Christmas for over 1,000 people.   I have been honored to manage our Turkey Trot for the past three years, and we are holding strong with our first virtual event this year!  We would love to have your support, visit CVC Food Closet Turkey Trot.

Not realizing my desire to provide food for those in need, I signed up for the annual Tahoe to Malibu event.  This virtual event has you travel 700 miles from Tahoe to Malibu via biking, running, walking, or swimming. It is a significant fundraiser for various California Food Banks and Hunger Relief Programs.  While I will be wrapping up my 700 miles today, there are many different waves if you want to jump in!  Visit Tahoe to Malibu for more information.   This year they have raised $114,000 with a total goal of $150,000. 

In summary, we don't have to have one favorite charity. If something speaks to your heart and allows you to make a difference in someone's life, then please consider donating time, money or awareness. Share your favorite charities in the comments, and why you love it!


Jacie Peters, 

Head of Finance, Kaia FIT HQ

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