How To Bike in the Heat

How To Bike in the Heat

Stay Safe & Cool on the Road

Are you finding yourself enjoying the wonderful weather and thinking about hopping on your bicycle and go for a ride?  You are probably thinking all that is needed is a bike and helmet.  Wait! There is more to think about due to the Summer time heat.  


Unless you are riding early in the morning or late at night it is highly recommended to have a few other essentials to make your summer ride so much more enjoyable. 


Hydrate: Be sure to bring water. Every rider should have their own source of water. A regular bottle of water works, however not preferred. My preference is an insulated bike water bottle. If it is a long ride bring two bottles or plan your route so it can be refilled.


Sun Screen: Lather up before you go out and be sure to hit those ears, back of the neck and anywhere where your skin is going to be exposed. Front and back of those legs and all the way down to the ankles. You will want a sunscreen that will not cause your eyes to burn once the sweat on your face starts beading down around your eyes. Try different types to find what works best for you. Also some like the type of sunscreen that can can be sprayed on; however I do not care for the over spray. 


Clothing: Try to wear clothing that is dry weave and has some sun protection in the clothing. It will make the ride so more enjoyable. 


Cover your head: I know you are probably thinking a helmet. Helmet is a MUST. Now take a look at that bicycle helmet you will notice gaps that help with the air flow. Those gaps also allow the sun to shine on to your noggin. I recommend on those hot days to wear a bike cap. It will protect your head from the sun and also useful for keeping the sweat out of your eyes. The peak can also provide shade or turn it around and it can protect your neck. 


Sun Glasses: Your eyes will appreciate the tender loving care you are giving them by wearing sun glasses. Plus they reduce sun glare and improve your visibility. If you are able to get ahold of cycling glasses which tend to provide a certain level of UV protection is preferred. The key here is to wear some shades to protect those beautiful eyes. 


This by no means is a complete list; my hope is it will give you something to think about before you merely hop on the saddle and strap on that helmet for a summer bike ride.


Until another time, keep peddling.  

Anacleta Thorne, owner of Kaia FIT Davis


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