6-Week Bootcamp Coming Soon!

6-Week Bootcamp Coming Soon!

BRIK Bootcamp

With a New Year comes LOTS of new resolutions. After spending the past year socially distant, learning new skills, connecting in new ways, many of us are ready to hit restart and refresh what the coming year will bring. 

Did you know:

the Statistics Brain 2017 survey of 1,129 American adults¹ found that the top category was “lose weight/healthier eating” at 21.4% of resolutions. For comparison, the next closest category was “life/self improvements” at 12.3%—so weight loss and healthier eating were by far the leading resolution in this survey?

I for one, am not shocked, considering I've started every New Year for the past 10 with a Kaia BRIK Bootcamp. The difference is that I have a cohort of committed Kaia ladies beside me for 6 weeks, forcing me to continue my commitments made when I was all fresh and excited LOL.

And you can too! Our 6-week BRIK Bootcamp kicks off January 11th, and it's something you DON'T want to miss. You can do BRIK at home, in person, outside or in studio.  It's totally up to you! 

Ready to get some more info?? Don't worry, click HERE and see everything BRIK can offer. 

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