What’s the deal with BRIK?

Why BRIK isn't just another boot camp

I get asked all. the. time. What IS BRIK?

BRIK's are uniquely Kaia [& not because it's spelled incorrectly]. In endurance training, combining disciples [run + bike] is called brick training. Years ago, when our program was just a wee baby, we KNEW we had something special with our set up. We specifically plan 3 BRIKS/year, at pivotal times [January/New Year, May/Summer Body, September/Fall Back Into Fitness], that focus on different 'disciplines' that allow us to continue on a path towards health & fitness.

It's important to remember: you can't be good at everything, all the time. Each BRIK forces us to take a step back and focus on 1 [maybe more] wellness & physical changes. This allows us to master this specific discipline or habit and then slowly introduce it into our every day life. 

At my very first BRIK, 7 years ago, all I did was stop drinking cows milk. That's it. Now I view food in a completely different way. Small changes, over time, tally up to BIG results. 

To this day, I look forward to BRIK as a reset, both mentally & physically, and as a challenge. What can I do this time that's different? What will my results be from this change? It's always positive and it's always worth it. But enough about me. Let's see what other KG's have to say about BRIK, Kaia & the way it's changed their lives...for the better. 

Sending love to all my Kaia Sisters-Coach Angela


Name: Colleen Mesa

Location: Kaia FIT Folsom

So I would like to share that this is a definite journey and I'm sure we have all had successes as well as set backs. The important thing is to not give up. I love the new eating habits I have been able to adapt,  and have found for me that having meal prep for myself keeps me way on track.  2 years ago I had a physical and the Dr. reported that I had a fatty liver, high blood pressure and I had kidney stones, bladder infection & kidney infection. My sugar levels were ok but not great. I have been doing Kaia for about a 1 3/4 years and have done 4 Briks. Each one gets a little easier. Each one I learn a little bit more about myself and healthy living.  I went to the Dr. again for a check up a couple weeks ago. She was happy to report that my liver and kidney function were great. No more fatty liver. My LDL & HDL were all great and my sugar levels were amazing and my blood pressure normal. I really attribute this to changing my eating habits and regular workouts. Its about more than a number on the scale. I am truly blessed to have found Kaia and such a wonderful support group to help with my healthy living. 

Name: Jennifer Hayes

Location: Kaia FIT Woodland

Poor health choices and 2 kids later left me feeling [like an] exhausted, stressed-out mom.  "I worked full time and put everybody else first; my health, along with my self image, self-esteem, and mental attitude went down the tubes.   I tried in-home workouts and and I would do well for a few weeks, but without anybody to hold me accountable, I could not stick with it. A stranger encouraged me to start Kaia FIT & it has been instrumental in helping me on my journey to support my health.  The classes are fun and challenging at any level.   The coaches are wonderful and supportive, they will push you to challenge yourself.  The Kaia girls help keep me motivated, & we are all there to help support each other.

Name: Val Krist

Location: Kaia FIT Woodland

After exercising off and on over the years, I started Kaia FIT classes wondering how long I'd stay motivated. After over two years and 30lbs lost and down 4 sizes, I've never been stronger. I love my addition to Kaia and all the wonderful women and friends I've made in this program. We have a great group of coaches who are very supportive and very knowledgeable. My fellow Kaia Girls and the Kaia coaches have created a wonderful, positive and supportive place to get fit and healthy!

Name: Catina Deiro Haugen 

Location: Kaia FIT Petaluma

From the first day of school last August to a 10k in March to stand up paddling boarding with this amazing group of strong ladies. I feel very lucky. And to top it all off <drumroll please> I did two Kaia level push ups on Tuesday night! 
I'm working hard, building good habits and loving every sweaty workout. WE are the best thing about Kaia! Here's to another year and more push ups!

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