Top 5 Holiday Classics

Top 5 Holiday Classics

Every year, as soon as Thanksgiving Day is over, we head out to get our Christmas tree and break out the holiday décor, along with my Holiday Movie List. Every weekend (and some week nights) over December, we check off each movie as we go.

It’s supposed to be cold and rainy in Southern California over Christmas, so I figured I would share some of my favorite holiday classics, ranked from 1-5. This way, if you’re also stuck inside on Christmas Day, or the family drank too much spiked eggnog, you can retreat into a coat closet and enjoy!

It was really hard to narrow this list down to just the top 5, and I love each of these movies for nostalgic or seasonal reasons. I would love to see how your rank these 5, so comment below!

  1. White Christmas

I actually recently (in the past 5 years) discovered this movie from a work friend when we lived in Nevada, and CAN NOT BELIEVE I SPENT 27 YEARS OF MY LIFE WITHOUT BING AT CHRISTMAS. I also can’t believe how many people do NOT know this movie. It has so much Christmas joy and cheer in it, plus dancing and singing so…how can you go wrong? It’s family friendly, has fabulous costumes, and makes you crave a White Christmas.

  1. Santa Clause

Great for kids and adults alike! The magic of the holidays is alive and well in this interesting take on Santa. Plus, how can you not love seeing Tim the Tool Man Taylor in a whole new world???

  1. Home Alone 2

I know, I know…you’re wondering what happened to Home Alone? Well, since I only have 5 spots, and taking up 2 for essentially the same movie seemed over-kill, I picked the one I watched most recently. They’re both A+, but I have to say, Home Alone 2 just makes me laugh harder than almost any other movie. My husband and I talk frequently about how they really mastered innocent deviousness, and ingenuity in these movies without gore. It’s just too good!

  1. Love Actually vs. The Holiday

For some reason, these two movies are almost interchangeable to me. I love them both, but it’s almost like I can’t see one without also seeing the other. Maybe because of the UK location?? Who knows. These movies just make me feel very happy. There’s minimal strife, real life issues addressed in a light way, and positive outcomes (except for Emma Thompson-what DID happen with her and her husband?).

  1. Elf

I had to do it! There really can’t be a holiday season without Elf. It’s silly, ridiculous, and over the top, but I just love it! Laughter and family…it’s what the season is all about.


From our family at Kaia FIT to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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