Super Bowl LV Workout

Super Bowl LV Workout

🏈Are you ready for some football? 🏈

And not even JUST football...we're talking SUPER BOWL football...the end-all, be-all of football!

But let's be honest...most of the Super Bowl is about the food.

(unless your team made it, so sending you a big high-5 and still crying over the Packers loss)

I did a simple Google search, and was seeing anywhere from 2,400 calories- 6,000+ calories consumed on Super Bowl Sunday... that's CRAZY. 

While this overconsumption shocks the system for a moment, it IS just a day. I feel like InsideHook put it best:

Besides, people don’t gain weight from one day of binge eating. You literally have to consume an additional 3,500 calories on top of your average daily calorie count in order to gain one pound of fat. You’ll be bloated, sure, but that’s due to water retention; high-sodium foods trigger a fluid imbalance, and your body needs more water to process all the crap.

This still doesn't mean you may want to go full-on food coma, and incorporate a bit of movement into the sport. After all, those players are running all over the place!

Check out our Super Bowl LV Workout for when you want to wake up Monday feeling better than most.


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