Quarantine-Friendly Easter Ideas

Quarantine-Friendly Easter Ideas

Fun for The Whole Family!

Hi! My name is Ashley Lovato, I am a Kaia FIT gym owner, coach and mother of two. With Easter just around the corner, instead of gathering with family and friends to celebrate, we’ll be “sheltering in place”. Even though this Easter will be slightly different, I’m determined to make the best of it by creating new, fun memories that incorporate fitness and games.

My kids are very active so the thought of adding sugar to their already busy bodies has me brainstorming all the ways I can get their energy out.  Here’s a list of games that I came up with:

  1. An obstacle course style Easter egg hunt. Incorporate traveling exercises to and from various areas of the house or in the front/backyards. Travel exercises can be bunny hops, bear crawls, duck walks.
  2. Assigning exercises to egg colors. For example:
    1. Blue- 10 push ups
    2. Purple- 10 bunny hops
    3. Pink- 10 Sit ups
    4. Yellow- 10 Squats
    5. Orange- 10 Jumping Jacks
    6. Green- 10 Mtn Climbers
  3. Hide eggs with candy AND exercises inside.
  4. Robin laid an Egg- have you ever seen A Minute to Win it - “Junk in the Trunk”?  Use an empty Kleenex box, remove the plastic around the hole, on the back side, cut two slits, feed a belt through so the box can be attached to the waist. Place 5 eggs in the box, the person has 1 minute to “lay” all 5 eggs by bouncing, shaking, jumping the eggs out.


Get creative, have fun and get everybody moving. Instead of remembering this Easter as the one where there was a global pandemic, let’s remember it as the Easter that we laughed the most. Isn’t that what life is all about?

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