Inclusivity & Fitness

Inclusivity & Fitness

How You Can Help Change the Industry


the practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those having physical or mental disabilities or belonging to other minority groups.


This has long been a topic of conversation since the very founding of Kaia FIT, and one of our guiding principles. Our founder started Kaia with the idea that inclusivity in the fitness industry is key to our success as individuals:


“I know the value of sisterhood because I am one of five girls in my family, and the strength of our relationship continues to teach us that regardless of what is going on in the outside world, the love and support we have for each other ensures that we all thrive: together and as individuals. Many of us don’t have that sisterhood and I wanted to give that gift of sisterhood to you: a place without judgement where we support your dreams, encourage your goals, and help you to accomplish things you never thought possible.”-Nikki Warren


Currently, our worlds, both large and small, are experiencing massive amounts of trauma, healing, enlightenment, fear, and growth. The effects of social distancing and isolation have impacted our physical and mental well-being in ways that are unprecedented. According to a CDC survey of 5,412 U.S. adults, 41% of participants have reported “struggling with mental health issues stemming from the pandemic.”


Concurrently, “there are 61 million people in the US alone who live with disabilities, and face barriers to exercise” that are not easily overcome.


There also exists a “lack of diversity” in fitness across the globe, one that has become more and more apparent over time. As Chrissy King, an educator about diversity, inclusion, and equity—and a fitness trainer, noted:


“You miss important pieces of the puzzle when you don’t have various perspectives coming to the table.”


So, the question becomes-how can we keep the inclusivity train progressing forward?


  • Continue to create an environment of acceptance, welcome and inclusiveness to all
    • That means greeting new clients when they walk in (coaches and members alike!)
    • Assist new members with adjusting to the new space by introducing them to your workout family, discussing what muscle soreness feels like, etc.
  • Share the opportunity of Kaia with your community and on social media
    • Check in with your local studio regarding scholarship opportunities!
  • As coaches, continue our education in the realm of proper progressions & modifications
  • As coaches, share the opportunity of being a fitness professional with your community and on social media 


We, all of us at Kaia, are committed to the foundations of acceptance, welcome, inclusiveness. We continue to grow as a both individuals and communities, to better serve ourselves and others.

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