Father's Day Gift Guide

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Celebrate one of the most important men in your life – your Dad! After all, he’s done so much for you all these years, from your childhood to your adult years. With all of the stress and uncertainty in the world right now he deserves to feel appreciated and pampered. Here are 10 gift ideas for the coolest dad!

Health(ier) Margarita Recipe

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Summer is around the corner and that calls for a Health(ier) Margarita recipe!

In our opinion, the best margaritas are simple, refreshing, and filled with real ingredients! This recipe uses fresh-squeezed orange juice instead of triple sec, which adds a burst of flavor without the additional calories. It’s light, citrusy, and perfect for a summer afternoon! 

6-Week Bootcamp Coming Soon!

BRIK Bootcamp

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With a New Year comes LOTS of new resolutions. After spending the past year socially distant, learning new skills, connecting in new ways, many of us are ready to hit restart and refresh what the coming year will bring. 

Did you know

the Statistics Brain 2017 survey of 1,129 American adults¹ found that the top category was “lose weight/healthier eating” at 21.4% of resolutions. For comparison, the next closest category was “life/self improvements” at 12.3%—so weight loss and healthier eating were by far the leading resolution in this survey?


Holiday Drinks

Low Calorie Options

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Holidays are right around the corner, can you hear the sleigh bells ringing????

Lets talk cocktails…..You know I can go either way with this: boozy beverages or mocktails.

Not to put a damper on your holidays but excess alcohol impacts blood sugar, places pressure on the liver and can leave you with a KILLER hangover the next day.  I know, I know you’re probably thinking, “thanks for killing my buzz” but, it’s TRUE!

So, why not skip the pain and try a healthy mocktail instead….Come on, try it!

We always say: K.I.S.S.  (keep it simple sister) here at Kaia FIT so lets keep it simple for just a second here and then we can move onto the fancier mocktails.


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