Galentine's Day Ideas

Celebrate Friendship!

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This very special day, immortalized in the show Parks & Rec by the hilarious Leslie Knope, was created to celebrate, in an official capacity, the joys of female friendship (GALentine-get it?)

Celebrated the day BEFORE Valentine’s Day is meant to be spent with your beloved female friends (or truly all platonic friendships) because without our friends, we lose out on all the joys that they bring.

As we grow older, it’s harder to find and maintain friendships. Life can get in the way, but on THIS day, we are meant to carve out time to celebrate the joys of having friends.

As Leslie Knope says, Galentine’d Day should be celebrated:

“While eating waffles and drinking fizzy cocktails, celebrate the women in your life, Knope-style, by sharing with each one in attendance why you treasure her friendship.”

Pucker Up!

3 Tips to Keep Your Lips Healthy in Winter

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Lips, that delicate, thin skin that gets exposed to all elements of winter. Do you find your lips to be much dryer in the winter even though the weather is cool? They dry out, become chapped and then crack! 

Here are 3 simple tips to keep this from happening:

7 Exercises for Beginners

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Many women starting an exercise program are walking into a gym for the first time, or the first time in a very long time. How do they feel when they walk out? In many cases, they may walk out feeling defeated, incapable of keeping up, or even injured trying to keep up beyond their ability. What I love about Kaia is the commitment to making every woman feeling successful, every workout, no matter their fitness level.

Women who are new to exercise must be given exercises appropriate for just starting out. These exercises will prepare their joints for the heavier loads to come. The right exercises will provide stability and strength to the joints. The right exercises will improve awareness of the mechanics of movement and muscle activation. If given appropriate exercises, beginners will leave our classes not only injury free but feeling successful and prepped for the harder work to come. Basics before Burpees!

Meet Me at the Barre

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I was a competitive ice skater for most of my childhood and needed strong foundational skills - strength and flexibility - combined with finesse, in order to excel in the sport. Between weight and cardio training, ballet lessons, and {what seemed like an excess of} stretching, I developed an understanding of my body and how to better help myself in becoming like the skater I admired most - Kristi Yamaguchi, obviously.

Make (and keep) Your Resolutions

3-D Goal Setting

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It’s the first full week of the new year AND a new decade.  If you’re like most Americans, your resolutions are still going strong this early in the year but did you know that most people give up on their resolutions by January 31?  The trick to making your resolutions stick with you all year is making them meaningful to you and creating a roadmap to success. 


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