Enjoy the Holidays Without Ruining Your Progress

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So you've been working hard on some goals and seeing some great results. Then BOOM, the holiday season hits and you suddenly find that it's MUCH harder to get to the gym every day and to stick to your nutrition goals. That's okay! Different seasons of the year mean different seasons of life. It's accepting those seasons and being conscious of your nutrition and exercise that will help you to not go overboard and ruin your hard work.

Here are a few tips to not ruining your progress through the Holiday Season:

Invite Your Fear to Tea

An expert from LORE: Harnessing Your Past to Create Your Future

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We make choices every day. Some are automatic, ingrained, easy. We shop at the same grocery store, buy the same roasted coffee, mindlessly wrap presents for our children’s teachers every year because that’s expected, the right thing to do.

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