Best Apps to Fire Up Your Fitness Motivation

Best Apps to Fire Up Your Fitness Motivation

Everywhere you go, fitness is as trendy as the girl in front of you at the coffee shop with her multi-color yoga pants on. But while we know we need to get fit and healthy, sometimes even the cutest yoga pants, or the greatest of intentions when trying to eat better, don’t always cut it.

But rather than drowning in your lack of motivation, pull yourself up out of that Debbie Downer mood and download one (or more), of our top five favorite fitness motivation apps! When you have information that pertains to you and your goals specifically and is as close to you as your phone, you can’t go anywhere but into shape!

1) MyFitnessPal

Likely one of the oldest apps out there, MyFitnessPal has fought the newcomer apps tooth and nail. It reigns above the rest when it comes to motivating people to workout, to making sure what you eat is calorie-friendly, and in giving you a community of people to keep you going.

Why we love it:

Sometimes the least motivational thing is knowing you have to look up how many calories are in each ingredient you use when cooking. It can also be hard to know if that workout you’ve started is burning enough calories. Enter in your desired meal along with an approximate serving size, and your workout type and duration, and MyFitnessPal will do the work for you. No excuses when they’ve got the information you need to know how and when you need to step it up a notch!


According to some of the reviews, a drawback to this app is that it doesn’t know how to appropriately count calories for strength, yoga, and swimming-especially when it comes to workout classes. Your best bet is to type in a guestimate, or look to other calorie expenditure apps like for the number. Then you can enter it back into MyFitnessPal.


Music is one of the best motivators to getting you up and moving-especially if the beat is something you can vibe with. But putting together your own fitness playlist can sometimes get boring real fast. Spotify sends you new mixes of music based of the type of music genre, your workout type, BPM, and others options you choose.

Why we love it:

Find and follow your favorite Kaia Coaches for their mixes, or enter in your activity of choice (cross-training, running or lifting) and they will come up with a mix that will give you energy to keep at it and keep doing it at your best. Plus, the music can be as fast as your workout requires.


Nothing is free these days it seems. You can listen to playlists for free, with ads interrupting your workout, or upgrade for $9.99 unlimited.

3) Instagram

If you can think of it, there’s an Instagram account for it. Fitness professionals often post before and after pics of their clients who’ve really worked to reach their goals. Not mention, people post quick workout videos with excellent exercise ideas.

Why we love it:

One of the biggest reasons we love Instagram is because of its wide variety and for its seemingly endless list of visual ideas. There is absolutely something for everything at any given moment that you need something. It was created for inspiration for all things in a “real world” way. Between Nikki Warren, Chrissy King, or your next-door neighbor, it’s a way to see that real people are getting fit and how they are getting there. Just search and you’ll see!


Probably the main reason to not using Instagram as your motivational coach, is that it doesn’t send you notifications to nudge you into that next workout, or to alert you to how active you’ve been that day. You have to be online searching. It’s primary source is to be there for you when you need it, not to tap you on the shoulder.

4) PlateJoy

If you’ve ever gotten home from a long day and had no idea what to eat, or had zero ingredients in the fridge, you need an app that can do the planning for you! Take Plate Joy’s simple quiz to help them identify what kinds of foods you like, any constraints you have, and what your specific health goals are. They will put together an entire meal plan just for you and even offer grocery delivery!

Why we love it:

We love it because it gives us a road map to eating right.  It also leaves out any possibility of eating bad just because it was the “only” convenient option. Plus, it makes sure anyone who has special dietary restrictions like a preference to go vegan, without red meat, or are low fat have everything they need.


According to some of the reviews, this app sometimes has technical difficulty in syncing with other apps like Jawbone UP. Other than that, most say it’s great to have!

5) Nike + Training App

Nike is about as synonymous with fitness as fitness is to fitness. But this brand just keeps raising the bar and finding new ways to satisfy that inner athlete. The Nike +Training app is your go-to personal trainer and coach with over 100 workouts, (even handy 15-minute ones), guidance and form cues, personalized plans, and an activity counter.

Why we love it:

We love it because the workouts are challenging and versatile, and you feel like you’re making progress with every single one. Plus, there are more ways than one to use the app. It can be your own personal trainer, teach you how to best amp up your personal fitness level, the Nike + Run Club app helps your running form and PR, and using the Nike+SNKRS app literally keeps track of you every step you take.


Sometimes there are so many versions of the Nike + Training app, it can be hard to manage all of them. We suggest sticking to the original for progressive workouts that work!

Take advantage of the ever-changing fitness tide with these new fitness apps! Accountability is something we all need to get a little better with, and technology can help us be both that and fit!

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