Nikki's Kaia Story

I'm very blessed to own two gymnastics facilities and to have coached children my entire life. Throughout my years coaching, I saw moms in the gym—either sitting idly watching their children flipping and jumping or quickly rushing in and out seeming to wear "Taxi" on their heads. I often wondered to myself: What happened to their sense of play? When do they get to jump? When is the last time any of them tried a handstand and laughed as they fell to the floor? These questions moved me to consider how much we, as adult women, also need to play and laugh with our friends—with our sisters. I knew then that I would develop a sisterhood for these moms: one wherein we could set goals and achieve them together; a place expert coaches would help to create stronger bodies for all the daily demands of our lives; and a community of friendship, encouraging healthier minds. I knew that if I created this space that I would soon watch these children’s mothers running, jumping, laughing, falling down—and getting back up again.

I know the value of sisterhood because I am one of five girls in my family, and the strength of our relationship continues to teach us that regardless of what is going on in the outside world, the love and support we have for each other ensures that we all thrive: together and as individuals. Many of us don’t have that sisterhood—that tribe—and I wanted to give that gift of sisterhood to you: a place without judgement where we support your dreams, encourage your goals, and help you to accomplish things you never thought possible.

I soon became pregnant with my second child, and thoughts of this sisterhood percolated in my mind throughout my pregnancy. When my son Kai was born, he faced seemingly insurmountable birth defects; gratefully, he not only survived each day but actually thrived. Kai thrived because we had the most supportive and loving community—both in the hospital and at home. His determination and the beautiful community who supported us became my inspiration for naming Kaia. I believe Kaia is unlike any other fitness program because we share your struggles, walk your journey with you, and celebrate all your successes. Each day, we fight for a healthier life, become strong in our own right, and embrace the best part of ourselves: This IS Kaia.


We are not just another exercise program: Kaia is a sport in which every woman is an athlete and every woman makes the team. Whether you’re a long-time fitness enthusiast or new to movement, we coach systematic and achievable progressions, provide enlightened nutritional support, and guide you to set goals that lead you to your true potential.

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