Why Kaia?

Why become a Kaia FIT Franchisee

Kaia FIT is not only a great opportunity to make money and build a career, but it will help you get in and stay in the best shape of your life. We provide a financial GRID in your Franchise review packet that lays out our recommended fixed and variable cost budgets in order to understand the financial platform of our Kaia FIT Model. You will have tons of fun while helping women achieve optimal health and fitness. We will also provide you with the skills needed to enhance your own training knowledge, and to help your clients reach their full potential.

What Does Kaia FIT provide to its Franchisee on a regular basis?

  1. A flash drive is given in the Business Management Course with over 140 documents which include marketing fliers, photos, logos, charts, financial grids, etc.
  2. Weekly workouts – provided the week prior
  3. BRIK and CORE Manuals – these manuals will be themed and create excitement within your BRIK or CORE session.
  4. Nutritional Manuals – different manual for each BRIK
  5. 5 Certifications annually to keep a steady stream of opportunity for our location owners to certify new coaches

5 CE Courses annually - these typically follow certification for existing coach and franchisees that are already certified.

  1. Weekly Workout Webinar’s every Wednesday – we go through the next week's workouts that you received 2 days prior. You will always have your workouts for the next week one week prior.
  2. Location visits and annual business analysis and guidance to improve in areas you need help in.
  3. Kaia Konnect – quarterly open forum webinars with our franchisees to discuss upcoming corporate news and to hear from our franchisees with best bets and concerns.
  4. Kaia Kafe – quarterly nutritional videos shot live with exciting nutritional news, recipes and best bets.